Introduction on SLST High End Servo System Vibropress Block Machine Series 2021-07-02

Introduction on SLST High End Servo System Vibropress Block Machine Series

The technology of the High End Servo System Vibropress Block Machine overcomes the incompatibility between traditional concrete blocks and imitation stone product. Through the unique technology, the Vibropress Block Machine can produce artificial stone, PC imitation stone brick, landscape artificial stone, and various cement products such as permeable bricks, curbstones, solid bricks, etc.; the contradictory of high strength cement bricks, high water permeability pavers and delicate imitation stone cement product are integrated and realized simultaneously, and it also has unique advantages in the treatment of solid waste such as construction waste. Vibropress Block Machine can not only greatly increase the amount of solid waste such as construction waste, but also truly consume a large amount of industrial solid waste , which plays the role of comprehensive secondary utilization of resources, but also ensures that the products produced meet the relevant quality standards.

Take the SLST1800 High End Servo System Vibropress Block Machine automatic production line as an example,

1.1. Working system: double-shift working system, 8 hours/shift, taking 200*100*80mm pavers as an example, with an annual output of 1.02 million square meters.

Recycled products are: standard bricks, hollow bricks, pavers, PC imitation stone bricks etc.

1.2. Recovery rate: 99%.

1.3. Environmental protection standards: reach the national 20 mg/m³ emission standard.


SLST1800 Auto Servo System

Vibropress Block Machine

Paver Size



60 Pcs

Shaping Cycle

About 20S

Working hours

8 H/Shift *2

Daily Output

170,000 Pcs

The curbstones, high-end PC imitation stone bricks, artificial stone, and landscape artificial stone produced by our high-end Vibropress Block Machine have the characteristics of high strength, good compactness, high wear resistance, and exquisite appearance. The Vibropress Block Machine combines architectural functional requirements with decorative function needs, whose produced product quality is durable and can replace natural stone; the produced ecological permeable pavers can not only help the construction of "sponge cities", but also can effectively improve the urban heat island effect, alleviate urban waterlogging problems, and purify the air.

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