Speed up brick machine R&D and innovation to take the lead


Speed up brick machine R&D and innovation to take the lead

As a long-established enterprise in the brick machine industry in Fujian Province, S.L Machinery was founded in 1993. It has a modern industrial park and a standard factory building of 80,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales services of building materials machinery products:brick machine, Block Machine. In 2013, S.L Machinery participated in the drafting of the "Self-Insulation Concrete Composite Block" standard for the Chinese construction industry, the standard for bamboo pallets for the production of concrete blocks (bricks), and the standard for brick forming machine moulds.

For General Manager Fu Xiaobin, who has been in the brick machine industry for more than 6 years, the pursuit of new technologies by the R&D team and the recognition of new technologies by the market bring about technological innovations, which is an inspiration to him. "Being fine and professional is the foundation of a company's long-term development. Only by doing a good job of brick machine and getting customers' approval can it be considered a real success.

With nearly 30 years of hard work in the brick machine industry at home and abroad, the S.L Machinery R&D team has collaborated with multiple departments to innovate, explore new technologies, overcome technical difficulties, and develop new products based on changes in external suppliers and terminal market needs. "The more careful product development phase and the more demonstration will reduce the risk of quality problems by one point. At the most tense moment, many main departments are not divided into day and night or weekends, and they stay at the workshop debugging site wholeheartedly. Research and verification have been conducted many times to ensure the smooth play of the equipment linkage." said the person in charge of S.L Machinery R&D Center.

"Every day they go deep into the workshop and in the project to be "real" with the equipment, turning the impossible into possible, dare to challenge and love to study, never talk about it. They use wisdom to promote R&D and innovation, sweat R&D projects, and use beliefs to boost R&D. The upgrade of the company has fixed the figures of overcoming difficulties and the pictures of hard work on the front line of research and development.” Fu Xiaobin said frankly, relying on the strong human resource advantage and the hard-working team, S.L Machinery has accelerated R&D and innovation, and launched various series of advanced brick machine products promote the development of the industry to automated high-end manufacturing.

Today, S.L Machinery has exported equipment to more than 100 countries and has more than 5,000 customers at home and abroad. The development of its fully automatic servo wall block and paver brick machine production line has a leading and demonstrative role in the industry, and promotes the technological progress and product upgrades of building wall block and paver brick machine equipment. It is also a transformation and upgrade for the optimization of export product structure. The coverage rate of overseas markets plays a positive role and is of great significance and effect.

S.L Machinery makes perfect construction, professionally focus on light weight wall panel machine, EPS Sandwich panel production line, high end servo system brick machine, concrete mixing plant etc. Warmly welcome to contact us by email jerry@sl-machine.com.

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